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What types of clients get the best results from your services?

Clients that get the best results are those that have such a deep passion for their particular cause that they are willing to take the risks and make the investments for that cause. They understand that they are and act as social entrepreneurs, who are often the leaders of the movement.  

For what types of clients are Fullanthropy's services not a good fit?

Fullanthropy is targeted to those who want use their talents and image to make a BIG impact in the world.  If your philanthropy is limited solely to throwing parties or celebrity-driven events, Fullanthropy will likely not be the right fit for you.

How will I know that my charitable efforts have been successful?

Good philanthropists understand that there are always mistakes in philanthropy and that those mistakes serve to help you perform better in the future.  

Part of our job as your consultant is to build custom evaluation tools that enable you to benchmark your progress against your own goals and against other nonprofits/philanthropists that are engaging in the causes important to you.

Can you work with all members of my team?

Absolutely!  We know that success in any endeavor especially philanthropy starts with a great team.  We can work with agents, business managers, publicists, family members, etc.  Our services are customized, so that we can serve as the primary managers of your nonprofit or complement the existing family members or employees administering your nonprofit.

What is the next step I should take to work with you?

Let’s set up a “scouting session” to determine whether or not we are a good fit to work together.  Email Katie by clicking here and indicating some times that you are available for a brief conversation.

Why do I need a philanthropic/charitable consultant?

A good philanthropic/charitable consultant can save you time and energy, help you raise additional funds for the cause, and create more impact with less risk.

Many successful philanthropists have relied on advisors and consultants to make the most of their giving including: John D. Rockefeller, Michael Dell, Barbara Streisand, and Steven Spielberg.

How are you different from other philanthropic/charitable consultants?

We understand that your philanthropy is very personal.  We recognize that by creating customized approaches that address your specific goals and desires. We encourage big, crazy change the world dreams, and we provide you with the tactics to make those dreams come true via CLAIM Your Star , which is an all-encompassing nonprofit management system based on extensive research and industry best practices. You can learn more about CLAIM Your Star™  here.