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CLAIM Your Star

The guide that highlights the five key areas necessary to establish and maintain an effective nonprofit.

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CLAIM Your Star

Successful nonprofits understand their mission is the core of their operations and build systems to support the operation of that purpose.  CLAIM Your Star™, our proprietary system integrated into all of our programs, assists you in fulfilling your organization’s mission or purpose by focusing on five key components: Communication, Leadership, Administration, Impact, and Money.


Are you operating instructional skill camp and want to focus more on the sport and the youth participants than the administration of the camp?  Combine allows you to do just that.  We provide you with a comprehensive guidebook that outlines topics such as partnerships, risk management, fundraising, etc. for your camp and enable you to get specific questions answered via coaching sessions.


Do you have a strong desire to be a philanthropist in the same way as Walter Payton, Magic Johnson, Hank Aaron, or Wayne Gretzky but have no idea exactly how or where to start?  Rookie is the program for you.  Through the Rookie program, we establish the legal framework for your nonprofit with the IRS and assist your attorneys in filing the appropriate paperwork for your state.  In addition, we also build a strong foundational operation by defining your mission and services, setting up your email newsletter, identifying prospective board members, and creating an initial fundraising strategy. We are the mentors that help you establish a strong foundation, so that you can soon play with the big league philanthropists!


Are you wanting help with managing your nonprofit and unsure of your exact needs?  Tryout is the program that literally allows you to “tryout” our services.  We provide you with an assessment of your existing operations and suggest simple, actionable strategies that reflect best practices in philanthropy and coaching sessions to alleviate any challenges or catapult you to the next level in your philanthropy.


Do you have staff or committed volunteers (maybe even you) currently managing your nonprofit and need some additional help?  Think of our Professional program as the solution (the nonprofit trainer brought in after an injury or challenge) to eliminate the overwhelm and get your organization back to the top of its game.  This program provides guidance through weekly coaching and defined deliverables to enable you and your team to better manage your time and risks.  


Do you lack the time or the specific expertise to manage your nonprofit according to best practices?  If so, then our Superstar program is likely right for your organization.  Superstar is our most intense program designed for busy, high-profile individuals with a nonprofit organization, who want to enjoy the positive aspects of philanthropy while someone else handles all of the details including program services, fundraising (includes the MVF program), and compliance issues.  This program essentially adds a nonprofit coach to your team!

Most Valuable Fundraiser

Is the biggest issue for your nonprofit finding revenue?  Then our Most Valuable Fundraiser (MVF) program is for you!  Designed to complement any of our packages or as a stand alone program (after completing the Tryout), MVF shares evidence-based fundraising best practices to develop a customized fundraising strategy or helps you implement specific components of that strategy.


Mascot is for athletes who want to become involved with the nonprofit sector and philanthropy through existing charitable organizations.  We position you as a spokesperson or “mascot” for one or more charitable organization(s) by helping you select nonprofit(s) that meet your needs and goals, coordinate all logistics with selected nonprofit(s), and ensure that your reputation and time commitment are protected.